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New soccer coaching drills
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Soccer Coaching Net - 600+ top soccer drills and magazine

Soccer Drills

With a database of 600 soccer drills, SoccerCoaching.Net is one of the best resources for soccer coaching. Whether your are a beginner in soccer coaching or a more advanced coach, you will find suitable soccer exercises on this site.

Soccer Coaching Magazine

SoccerCoaching.Net offers a collection of magazines with interviews with coaches all over the world. Looking for more indepth coaching information than just soccer drills, this is the place to go.

New coaching information added every month

We are adding new soccer coaching information every month. This way you will find new and better ways to coach your team every time.

New video drills
Soccer drills to improve dribbing Soccer drills to improve possession in a 2 versus 1 Soccer drills to improve shielding of the ball

Soccer Coaching Net Issue 66 released!

If you like our website, please order our latest magazine. This 40-paged magezine contains a lot of drills and will cover the following topics: passing, improving the 1 versus 1 situation a defender has to deal with and preparation exercises for the beginning of your training sessions.
€ 5,95