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New soccer coaching drills
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Exercise overview

6 versus 6
8 versus 7 with goalkeepers and 3 areas
Build up in three areas
Building up from the back ? simulation of game
Die Mannschaft's 11 vs. 11
Dutch 11 versus 11
Fun game 8 against 8 with two goalies
Passing and shooting to improve triangles
Passing and shooting with the accent on concentration
Passing/shooting to take advantage of the sides
Passing/shooting to take advantage of the sides (2)
Position game 5 against 2
Position game 5 against 5 with 2 neutral players in two area
Scrimmage 7 plus goalie against 7
Scrimmage game 7 against 7 with 3 neutral players in 2 areas
Scrimmage game 7 plus goalie against 6
Small sided game 6 against 2
Tactical build-up from 4-4-2 with a diamond on midfield