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New soccer coaching drills
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Exercise overview
10 against 5 pressure play
11 versus 11 on full field (FC Barcelona)
11 versus 11 on half a field (Manchester United)
4 against 4 with kameleon
5 versus 5 with 1 neutral player (Liverpool FC)
Circle sprint
Cutting and Turning in a zigzag
Cutting and turning in zagzag exercise
Cutting and turning with pressure from the sides
Cutting behind standing foot in 4-somes
Cutting in a cross exercises
Fakes in cross exercise
Finishing after a technical move
Handball possession game
Improving basics techniques dribbling/cutting
Improving basics techniques dribbling/cutting/passing
Passing and shooting exercise to end warm-up
Passing and shooting with scissor
Passing in a cross exercise by means of the Zidane move
Passing in a cross exercise with scissor move
Practice cutting and other moves
Practice game under 8 (focus on basic technique)
Simple exercise with the accent on turning
Speed Football
Technical exercise with dribbling in a square
Technical skill from 4 sides (1)
Technical skill from 4 sides (2)
Technical skills in lines (columns)
Technical triangle exercise
The 1-0 Game
The Ditch (1)
The Ditch (2)
The Liverpool Game
The step over in 4-somes
The Vision Game
Warm up exercise
Warm up: basic skills
Warming-up cone sprint
Winner Stays On
Zigzag behind standing foot
Zigzag with inside turning