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New soccer coaching drills
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Passing and shooting from a 4-3-3 position (1)
- PLayer A passes to player B
- Player B does a pre-move, turns open and passes to player C
- Player C does a pre-move, receives the ball, turns open and passes to the other side
- Players rotate through 1 position after every move (following their pass)
- Execute clockwise and counter clockwise
- Increase distances
- May use 2 balls
- Players B (on both sides) hold position 6 and 8 in a 4-3-3, they play somewhat to the middle and have to turn open to the outside

- Pass to the correct foot
- Good ball speed
- Clean passing
- The wall pass must be good and played with feeling
- Execute a pre-move and look beforehand where you want the ball to go
- Coach each other and ask for the ball

Improve passing within a 4-3-3

Learning phase


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