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New soccer coaching drills
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Teaching the Entry Pass
Organization: 4 vs. 3 + 2 vs. 2

The field should be approximately 50 yards long and 50 yards wide. There will be two zones, separated by a restraining line approximately 30 yards from goal: one zone from the top of the penalty box to the restraining line, and one zone from the restraining line to midfield. In the midfield zone, the attacking team has a 4 vs. 3 advantage. In the attacking zone, the game is 2 vs. 2.
- The top of the penalty box is the
offside line.
- The team of six attacks the large
goal and the team of five attacks the
three small goals.

* The four midfielders on the attacking team cannot go forward into the attacking zone until the ball has been passed from midfield into the feet of one of the two forwards, been laid back into midfield, and then passed again into the feet of one of the forwards again. (Two entry passes). After two entry passes in the same possession the players in the midfield zone can go forward and go to goal.
* The two defenders in the defensive zone must defend ?goal-side? and cannot screen in front of the attacking player they are marking.

- Begin the activity by playing the
ball to the attacking team
- The midfielders must possess the ball
until they can find a good entry pass
into the forwards. The midfield must
stretch the game laterally to create
forward passing lanes.
- The vision to immediately look for a
penetrating pass as the first choice
is key to finding the right entry
pass. If this entry pass is not ?on?,
then the ball must continue to
circulate in midfield.
- The forwards must time their movement
so that they make sharp runs at the
moment the ball can be played to them
(when the midfielders have their head
up and have the ball in a position to
play it forward). If the forwards
move too late or too early the timing
of the entry pass will be disrupted
and the pass will either be
intercepted or the space will be
- The midfield must provide good
supporting positions for lay-offs by
the forwards when the entry pass is

1)Allow the attacking team to go
forward after only one entry pass.
2)Add a third defender in the attacking
zone (now it is 2 vs. 3 in this zone)
and allow the defenders to screen the
forwards if desired.
3)Remove all restrictions.

Improve playing the Entry Pass

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