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New soccer coaching drills
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Passing combinations: building layers of complexity Part 3
5 minutes. The four players knock the ball around, players 1 and 2 perform the one-two. Player 1, on receiving the return pass, now has to kill it with one touch and play it back along the ground to player 3. Player 3 then hits a long ball to player 4 who has already set off on an overlapping run. Player 4 brings down the ball and the four players carry on passing as before. In addition to the crisp passing and a good one-two, the coach now wants two further things: the correct timing of the overlapping run by player 4 (who takes his cue from the timing of the ball being laid back to 3); and the accuracy of the long ball. Stop. 2 minutes of stretching.

To improve timing and accuracy of the long ball

Learning phase


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