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Passing combinations: building layers of complexity Part 4
5 minutes. The move builds up as before, with passing along the ground, the one-two, the overlapping run, the long ball played to the wide player. Now, the wide player, player 4, instead of just killing the ball and carrying on the passing movements, has to head the ball back to player 1, who has moved up in support. Player 1 has to play a quick one-two with player 2 and then move away with the ball, and begin again the original passing along the ground between the four. Player 3, who has played the long ball, moves up in support. Now the coach wants to see all the earlier elements plus an accurate lay-off from player 4, the right positioning of the support players and a rapidly executed one-two movement. Stop. 2 minutes of stretching.

To improve positioning of the support players

Learning phase


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