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New soccer coaching drills
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The Standard Small ? Sided Game with Conditions
There are plenty of small variations you can do with the standard games. These conditions can be changed as the coach sees it without having to change the pitch, goals, teams or players.

? Age Groups ? U8s to adults
? Pitch sizes - at the discretion of the coach
? Number of teams ? 2
? Team sizes - 4 to 6 players
? Bibs optional
? Goals ? standard 4 v 4 goals or 5 a side goals

? Limit number of touches e.g. one touch, two touch, three touch etc
? Limit number of touches just in one half e.g. one touch in own half (quick build up from the back) and unlimited touches in the opposition half.
? Limit goal scoring area inside of area only or outside of area only. In oppositions half only etc.
? A certain a number of players have to stay in their own half/oppositions half
? Uneven numbers and limited touches e.g. 5 v 3. The 3 have unlimited touches and the 5 play one or two touches only.
? When uneven numbers, have a neutral player that plays with the team in possession. He may be limited to number of touches and also scoring.
? All the players must be in the oppositions half to score otherwise the goal does not stand.
? All the players must be back in their own half when the opposition score otherwise it counts as two goals.
? Johan Cruyff talks of a condition they put on games he played in the street, which was when one team had forced three corners in a game they were awarded a penalty.
? When the ball goes put of play on the side lines, throw ins, kick ins or dribble the ball in.
? When wanting to practice set pieces, every time the ball goes out of play for a throw in, take either a free kick in line with the throw or a corner. Depending on what you what to work on.

All these little twists and turns can give the games an edge and keep players on their toes. It is also great fun with lots of touches and few players get bored playing small sided games.

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