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New soccer coaching drills
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5:5 + 5:5
- Two teams play 5v5 duels ?man to man? on half a field with two touches of the ball. They can?t pass the ball to the goalkeeper.
- The second group of players run in circles around the playing field at a given pace, which is dependant on the ball possession of the teams on the field.
- When one team on the field has possession ? their opponents who are running in circles, run at a fast pace until their team on the field steals the ball.
- With a change in possession on the field there is also a change in pace off the field, as the other team will now be running at a higher pace
Duration: 20 minutes
Intensity: Very high,
Repetition: 8 times

Duel play, changing the rhythm of running, finishing and adaptation on pressure and lactate acid.

To improve passing

Learning Phase


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