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New soccer coaching drills
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Position game 5 against 5 with 2 neutral players in two area
- 4 and 10 are neutral players
- The coach has all the balls. He chooses who starts with the ball, which is also a sign for the players that they have to take their positions. If they are not in the right position they will have to get the ball, which takes the speed out of the game.
- The team with ball possession will have to pass the ball around 5 times, before they can proceed into the opponents area to pass to their strikers. When the cannot play a deep ball, they will have to go wide one more time
- When the ball is passed into the opponents area, one defender can join so they are playing 4 against 3

- This exercise can be performed with small or big goals and with goalies. When one teams scores on one side, they will retain ball possession and may try to score on the other side. The aim is to utilize the free man
- You can make the field narrow, trying to attain more depth, or make the field wide to emphasize the switch (pass)

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