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New soccer coaching drills
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Small sided game 6 against 2
- Small Sided game 6 against 2
- The one who makes a mistakes has to stand in the middle
- When the ball goed out of bounce a new game will be started. Do not start from the sidelines

- Try to get across in as little passes as possible, if possible at all
- option 1: Player 1 passes deep to player 6
- option 2: Player 1 passes via player 4 or 5 to player 6
- option 3: Player 1 passes via players 2 or 3 to player 6

- From free game to 2 touches to direct play (except for the 2 players on the short side, they function as a rest point)
- If it is working really well the direct pass from player 1 to player 6 is not allowed anymore, because in a game a winger cannot do anything with a long pass from a wingback, he will not be able to go anywhere
- If it is going really well than you should implement that playing back to the player who passes the ball to you is prohibited

Improve build up

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