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New soccer coaching drills
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Finishing using the flanks
- Initiate an attack using the flanks, with the main rule being: Length before width.
- Number 2 or 5 (dependant on where the attack starts) passes the ball directly on 7 or 11, who wall passes the ball wide on incoming player 6 or 8.
- 8 or 6 dribble up to the goal line and give the assist to number 9 who finishes from the center
- 7 will give a cross pass to the second goalpost and 11 to the first goalpost
- 10 will enter the penalty area in search for the assist
- Finishing on goal
- Duration: 3-10 minutes

Attention points
- 2 and 5 not static but with move
- Coach on retain ball, wall pass, turn

Improve the wing attack

Learning Phase


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