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New soccer coaching drills
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The group of 20 players is split into two groups. One group goes to the gym, the other stays on the pitch. Three attackers take on two defenders plus a keeper using the full length of the pitch. The players who have remained outside but who are not involved in
that moment are stationed behind the goal. One of these players begins the move with a long, high ball played down the field towards the central of the three forwards. He has to
control it and lay it off quickly to one of the wide players. The player receiving the ball immediately attacks one of the two defenders and tries to get past him to get a shot on
goal. The offside rule applies. The two wide players try to offer different support options to the player with the ball.


Good first touch; speed of passing and movement off the ball; crisp accurate passing; keeping onside in the overlapping runs; attacking the defender at pace, only using the overlapping player if necessary; powerful, accurate shot on goal.

Good body posture for starting position to allow the
greatest flexibility of movement and quickest reaction times; closing down the space
quickly; not both attacking the same player or space; awareness of the movement of wide
players; good strong challenge or interception if possible, otherwise hold up the
forward without committing to the tackle.

To improve combination play

Learning Phase


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