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New soccer coaching drills
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3v2 alternation
Fast attack and finishing

- Field size: between the 2 penalty areas (as illustrated)
- Alternate attacks on two opposite goals with goalkeepers 3v2
- From the opposite corner of the field player 1 passes long to player 4, 5 or 6 of the opposing team on the other side of the field
- Player 1 then quickly runs to the other side of the field to defend his own goal
- Attackers are trying to use the situation 3v2 against players 2 and 3 to their advantage before player 1 arrives
- After players 5 and 6 have finished on goal the play start of the other side with player 7 giving the long pass to the other side where players 8-12 are waiting to play the same game

Number of players: 16-22

Duration: 10-15 seconds

To improve combination play

Learning Phase


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