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New soccer coaching drills
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3 against 2-line soccer
- 20x12 meters (12x2 meters is end box)
- The team in possession tries by playing together to reach the other end; they can only score when they dribble the ball over the line and stop the ball in the scoring area. The opposition tries to prevent this and also tries to score.
- Starting point is from your own goal.
- After a score the same setup but now the other player will be the attacker. You can only start when the defender is in his own half.
- The neutral player always plays with the team which has possession.
- When three point are reached the game is over.
- After five minutes the gives a sign to change, which means that someone else will be the neutral player.
-When a player dribbles the ball out of the side of the pitch, the other player is allowed to dribble the ball back on from where the ball went out.

Improve combination play



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