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New soccer coaching drills
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8 versus 7 and 3 versus 2
- On one half play 3 v 2 (3 attacker vs. 2 defenders)
- On the other half play 8 v 7 (8 attacker vs. 7 defenders)
- With goalkeepers
- Coach is positioned in the center circle and starts the play

- Coach starts by passing the ball to one of the 8 defenders
-- Possession game, 8 attackers try to score
- 7 defenders try to steal the ball away (when they do they have to get the ball back to the coach ? by combination play and short passes, no long pass from the back to the coach)
- When the attacker score or the defenders get the ball back to the coach, the coach will pass the ball to one of the 3 attackers in the other half, who play the same game

To improve combination play

Learning phase


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