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New soccer coaching drills
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The Dutch Brick Game (Figure 2)
?Someone would find a brick which was then placed on its end to serve as a ?goal?. The object of the game was to ?score? by striking the brick with the ball and knock it down. We played our version of football every single day.?:
Ruud Gullit

?I never played on the main pitch; we preferred the adjacent basketball court where the target for a ?goal?, the post of a basketball net, wasn?t so big, and no one had to stay there and guard it. Because the court area was so much tighter, and the goal so much smaller, it was imperative to develop your skills and technique, to be quick-thinking rather than chase the ball all the time. The football was so good.?:
Ruud Gullit

?But as a human being in the streets I was already a winner. I mean in my neighbourhood I was a winner, a fighter.
Street football is about one on one, it?s aggressive and I always wanted to go against the best players. After the game in the street when everyone was going home I always invited someone to play with me one on one. That was real winning or losing. Dead or alive. And I liked that. I was playing for my life.?:

Frank Rijkaard

This game is from the streets of Amsterdam. Gullit and Rijkaard played together in the same games. Incredible to think they went on to play together for both AC Milan and the Dutch national team.
This game is all about showing skill in a confined space.
Ideal for a warm up game as the space restriction will prevent players from running quickly and pulling muscles.
This game will only really work with older youth players with good skill. Younger players would struggle with the lack of space.
I like these types of games as they replicate a crowded midfield. It is easy to look good when you have plenty of space but how can you handle playing in tiny areas of space.
This game really sorts out the technical players with insight from the rest.

Age Group U12s to adults
Pitch sizes 30 x 20 ? or at the discretion of the coach but much smaller than a normal 4v4 pitch
Number of teams ? 2
Team sizes (4 players)
Bibs optional
Goals ? A traffic cone at both ends of the pitch.

A normal game, but to score a goal players have to knock down the solitary cone.

To improve combination play

Learning phase


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