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New soccer coaching drills
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2 against 2 plus free wings
- Per area 2 against 2 on two big goals with goalkeepers
- The goalkeepers may immediately pass/throw to the attackers
- When the ball is passed to the next area, one player will likewise enter that area. This player is only allowed 1 touch in that area
- A defender may also join/support his teammates in the attacking area
- The wingers are only allowed 2 touches
- Whenever the ball is out of bounds, play resumes behind own goal
- Offside rule in effect in attacking area
- Whenever a team scores they regain possession
allowed 1 touch

- Quick ball passing (circulation)
- Use inside of foot for short passes, instep for longer passes
- Recognize the moment at which to pass the ball deep, when your team is pressured. Before passing deep one must make sure there is enough support.

Improving the depth pass

Learning phase


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