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New soccer coaching drills
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Passing and shooting with the accent on being under the ball
- Execute on the left side first, then on the right side
- The player at the first cone (10) makes a pre-movement and receives the ball.
- He wall passes on the incoming player (4).
- This player passes to the striker (9), who proceed by passing to the incoming player (10), who finishes on goal

- I think its important that there is always a third man before the wall pass
- The first player who passes (3) cannot do this, because in a game an opponent will always get in between
- The player who comes under the ball has to choose the right moment

- You can do this in a stream exercise, this way there will be a lot of finishes, which increase the fun level of the exercise
- Do not allow the players who will normally not have a goal scoring attempt in a game to get further than the first cone

Improve movement

Learning Phase


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