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New soccer coaching drills
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4 against 4 plus 4 only scoring after switching the point of
- Two teams of 4 players, 4 neutrals, 1 per area
- The teams trying to pass the ball around 4 times, in area A, b, C or D
- After passing the ball around in an advantage situation, switch the point of attack diagnally and a finish on goal
- When a team has passed the ball around 3 times and then switches the point of attack they will have to start counting again
- Example: pass around 4 times without interruptions in area B; open to a neutral player in area C; this player may not score,
but has to wait for backup and together they may try to create a scoring opportunity by means of various combinations

- Only switch point of attack by means of a wall pass
- Only by means of a give-and-go

- Ensure back-up after switching the point of attack
- Pay attention to intensity-rest ratio by means of situative coaching

Improve switching play

Learning Phase


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