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New soccer coaching drills
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Putting the bal in position (2)
- Player 1 passes the ball to player 3
- On that moment active defender 2 will put pressure to player 3
- Player 3 must lay the ball on the right position and score on the big goal
- Player 2 can score in the small goal after an interception
- Player 1 becomes player 2, player 2 becomes player 3 and player 3 obtains his ball
- Carry out along both sides

- Placing faster an other defender, which comes from another angle
- Distances dependant on age, level and control technique
- The form is easier, because of the smaller turn angle

- Putting the ball with one handling in position
- In the turn lay the ball immediately for the correct leg
- Don't let the ball to far or to close jump of the feet
- Technically correct implementation
- Speed of implementation

Putting the ball fast in position and raising the handling speed

Learning phase


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