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New soccer coaching drills
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Changing Speed
?Players work in pairs and at either end of the area
?Area size ? relative to age & Maturity
?All balls with yellows
?Develop numbers and rules to suit
?Go through the practice with the ball in hands first if required
?Play offsides
?Make sure the area is not too long (enable recovery runs from defenders)

?Yellows (A) passes out to reds & defends 1 V 2
?Once the ball has moved into yellows end zone & there is a shot, the 2nd yellow (with a ball) Attacks the other end (reds end)
?If yellow (A) wins the ball in the middle area they can get 2nd yellow player and make 2 V 2 against reds
?If yellow delays reds long enough (decided by the coach or time limit) B can join in to make 2 V 2
?Swap roles so all players get a chance to attack and defend

Improve counter attacking


4 + 1GK

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