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New soccer coaching drills
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Crossing the crocodile swamp game
- Total area is 15x10 meters; orridors are 8x5 meters. The three players with the ball try to reach the end with the ball still at their feet. They have to stop the ball before the end of the channel and jog back through the corridor and start again. The crocodile (defender) in the swamp tries to catch one of the players by touching the ball.
- The children decide who starts as the crocodile, the others take a ball and line up at the edge of the swamp.
- In front and behind the swamp the players are free.
- when the crocodile touches the ball, he gives it straight back to the attacker. the attacker walks back and puts up one of the count cones. He starts again.
- When the crocodile has achieved three touches another crocodile will defend the swamp.
- the player also looses a point when he leaves the swamp side ways.
- The game always starts when all three children are ready at the starting line.

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