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New soccer coaching drills
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Traffic police
- Drivers have a ball each, which is their car and should be kept in control at all times.
- Drivers dribble along the roads until the traffic policeman shouts "red traffic light". the drivers then have to stop and put their foot on the ball.
- On the command "green traffic light" the drivers set off again.
- On the command "yellow traffic light" the drivers go off in a different direction. This can be done by a specific turn that has been introduced such as a drag back.
- Then introduce different vehicles for them to handle.
- Grannies shopping trolley is very slow-the children dribble slowly.
- The mini moves at medium speed-the children dribble at medium speed.
- The racing car moves very fast-the children dribble at full speed.
- Encourage drivers to keep their head up so they can see all the other cars and not crash into them.

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