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New soccer coaching drills
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Circuit 2
- A circuit is setup in an area of approx. 30x20m
- Circuit includes 2 sets of 4 hurdles, 3 sets of 2 hurdles and 6 poles
- 6 players line up at the start

- Players run one after the other (with approx. 5 second interval ? starting with player A), across first set of 4 hurdles, a short sprint to the second set of 4 hurdles, to and over the first set of 2 hurdles, around the first pole, to and over the second set of 2 hurdles, around the second pole, to and over the third set of 2 hurdles.
- Here player A receives a pass from player B, and dribbles through a set of four poles and passes the ball to player C, who joins the back of the starting line.
- Player A takes player B?s position and player B takes player C?s position

To improve dribbling and ball handling

Learning Phase


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