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New soccer coaching drills
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Competition 4 against 4 with goalies (3 teams)
- Play up to two goals or up to 2 minute time limit has exceeded. Last 10 second count out loud
- The winning team stay and gets 1 point
- With a tied game the longest playing team stays, but does not receive a point
- The teams are picked prior by the coach. Coupling players with different mentalities, provoking reactions
- The team with the most points gets an extra point added up to their cleaning duties. Second place gets 1/2 a point and last place gets nothing

- The points are updated every practice
- For every scrimmage or exercise they can earn points
- The players with the lowest amount of points are responsible for all duties within the team: materiaal, clothing, cleaning up, etc.

Improving the will to win

possession play


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