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New soccer coaching drills
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The Vision Game
This is a game I adapted from Insight magazine, the FACA publication. It is another game where players must use their insight and get their heads up. Lots of decision making.

? Age Group ? U9s to adults
? Pitch size ? at the discretion of the coach but must be wider than it is long
? Number of teams ? 2
? Team sizes ? 4-6 players
? Bibs optional
? Goals ? 3 for each side made from either traffic or marker cones 1-2 metres apart depending on age group and ability. The younger and less technically able, the bigger the goal.

I play this game normally 4v4 but I have played it with up to 8 a side for U18s. The idea is for the teams to score in any of the 3 goals, however behind the goals there is one extra person. They do not touch the ball but run behind the line of the three goals. If they are standing behind a specific goal, the other team can?t score into that goal. For the younger players we use coaches behind the goals as the kids love to work them by making them run and run as play is switched from side to side. Basically the better the game is played the more the coaches have to run and sweat, much to the amusement of the kids. If the ball goes out of play it can either be dribbled, passed or thrown onto the pitch. For the younger age groups we dribble the ball on and for the older age groups we usually pass the ball on.

More than any other small sided game you really get to see which are the players with vision and insight by the way they look up, switch play, sell dummies to confuse the opposition as to which goal they are going for. These are the players that see the whole picture. The only condition I occasionally use is that players can only score in the opponents half as sometimes there is a tendency for players to always shoot and not build up play. I usually play both ways and change it during a game.

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