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New soccer coaching drills
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The 1-0 Game
This is more of a possession game, played like a standard 4v4 game but with a twist.
Because of the nature of the game I limit each match to 5 minutes, but may play 2 or 3 games one after the other.

? Age Group ? U11s to adults
? Pitch Size ? at the discretion of the coach, but basically a standard 4 v 4 pitch
? Number of teams ? 2
? Team sizes ? 4-6 players
? Bibs optional
? Goals ? standard 4 v 4 goals

The basic rule of the game is that you can only win by the odd goal. The game begins as a normal 4 v 4 game with the usual rules. When a goal is scored, the team that scored must just try and keep possession and can?t score into the goal. If they do, the goal is disallowed and a goal kick ensues. If the other team then equalise and make it 1-1, either team can then score to make it 2-1. The team leading then just has to keep possession. This is an excellent possession game and also allows a team to play out time by keeping possession, which is why I limit the game to just 5 minutes.

To improve the ability to keep possession

Learning Phase


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