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New soccer coaching drills
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Winner Stays On
This is a transition game which helps players develop their concentration and understanding of the 3 main moments in football. Possession, opponent?s possession and change of possession.

? Age Group - U10s to adults
? Pitch size ? at the discretion of the coach, but basically a standard 4 v 4 pitch
? Number of teams ? 3
? Team sizes 4-6 players
? Bibs optional
? Goals ? standard 4 v 4 goals

This is a terrific game which is frantic and is another example of a ?chaos? game. Two teams play a standard 4 v 4 game until one of them scores and then three things happen.
1. The team that let the goal in leave the pitch as quickly as possible. This is, in actual fact, quite difficult to achieve as the team usually are downcast and looking at the floor, but this adds to the wonderful ?chaos? that occurs. (Fog of battle and all that!)
2. The team that scored the goal immediately has to turn around and defend (no time for elaborate goal celebrations here) I tell the kids it is like flicking a light switch on and instantly the light comes on, they have to react as quickly as that to the change of possession.
3. The team on the side run onto the pitch and try and score in to the goal that the team who have just scored are defending, i.e. the opposite goal to the one the goal has just been scored in. The team on the side are involved all the time as they have their own ball and bring that onto the pitch with them. They can move up and down the touchline, so as to anticipate which goal they will be shooting in. They have to really concentrate and be alert.

It does take a while for younger kids to get this as they normally run straight towards the goal that has just been scored in. All the three main points in a game are explored and reinforced. Team work is essential and concentration levels have to be very high. The game flows so quickly that the kids really get excited and a lot of fun is had by all.

Developing concentration and understanding

Learning Phase


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