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New soccer coaching drills
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The Liverpool Game
In Alan Hansen?s excellent autobiography ?A Matter of Opinion?, he talks about a game they used to play at Liverpool. ?Every player concentrated on giving the sort of passes that a team-mate wanted to receive, rather than the ones he wanted to play; and every player repeatedly made good runs off the ball to give the man in possession plenty of options.?

Hansen adds, ?Liverpool FC was encapsulated in just three words: ?Pass and Move.? Liverpool occasionally had a training match rule that a player had to move two yards forwards, backwards or to either side immediately he passed the ball; if he didn?t, his team would be penalized and the ball given to the other team.?

? Age Group U16s to adults
? Pitch sizes ? at the discretion of the coach
? Number of teams ? 2
? Team sizes 4-6 players
? Bibs optional
? Goals ? standard 4 v 4 goals or 5 a side goals

This game is not suited for younger children and I think should, not be tried with ages less than 16. It is very tiring and should only be used in small bursts as perhaps part of a normal 4v4 game. As soon as a player in possession passes the ball he must move either back, sideways or forward to support the player with the ball. If he fails to do this possession is immediately given to the other team.

Pass and move

Learning phase


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