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New soccer coaching drills
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Technical skill from 4 sides (1)
- Player passes 1, and player 2 takes it with the inside of his foot and dribbles to the next cone. Player 1 takes player 2's place
- This exercise is executed in four different places, so everybody rotates
- 3 minutes with each foot

- This can also be done by receiving the ball with the outside/inside of the foot and rotating (turning) right away. This exercise can be performed in combination with any receiving exercise
- Player 1 can also start the exercise by the means of a throw-in
- You can also allow the player to perform a scissor move at cone 2, a player will have to control him, so he can perform the move
- You may also allow player 2 to iniciate a wall pass with player 1

Improve basic skills

Warm up / Learning Phase


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