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New soccer coaching drills
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4 plus goalie against 6
- A team of 4 plus a goalie takes on a team of 6 players
- The team of 6 players can score on the big goal with the goalie
- The four players have to work together to try to avoid getting a goal against. The goalie can also provide cover
- When the 4-some have won the ball, they can score by shooting on the big empty goal
- The goal stands for the pass to the striker. The only have 1 counter opportunity or else it will not be realistic anymore and the exercise will be pointless

- Once the exercise is up and running you may opt to start playing 6 plus a goalie against 8 (or 7)
- The defending team will get two additional players (left and right midfielder)
- The attacking team will get 1 or 2 central defenders
- Eventually you will be playing 11 against 11

- You may be thinking the 6 player team has 2 extra players, that has to be enough. But in actuality it is harder than it seems when the defender work well together
- You can also play with two small goals in which the defenders may score. These goals will functions as the lacking strikers in the organization

Improve defending

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