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New soccer coaching drills
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Possession game/scrimmage 7 against 7 without goals
"half a field, make a narrow strip in the middle by placing cones at 8 meters form goalposts on both sides. 2 players from team A are positioned in the each side strip and two players within the strip in the middle. All players from team B are positioned in the middle strip. The last man of team A passes to a winger. After the ball has been passed the players from team B are allowed to leave the middle strip to block the players from team A. Team A can score in two ways:
1. A cross pass from one side to the other. A good cross pass is 1 point (the pass only counts when the player who passed the ball clearly states the name of the person he is passing the ball to. This ensures that all passes are legit and not blind passes).
2. Passing the ball, by means of one or two players in the middle strip, to the other side. This is also 1 point (you can also reward this differently)."

game intention
"When team A has ball possession on one side strip, team B is not allowed to be in the other side strip. They can only intercept the pass in the middle strip or the strip where the ball is being passed from. The meaning behind the exercise is to pressure the strong side (ball possession side) and to switch the pressure to the other side after a well executed cross pass has taking place (and ball possession has shifted to the other side of the field). The defending team can only enter the side strip after the ball has been passed and cannot intercept within that strip."

"The entire defending team has to shift along with the pass and pressure the strong side (ball possession side), trying to prevend a cross pass and get ball possession. The other side strip can only be occupied by the team which has ball possession. Coaching should occur from the outside in (the players who are farthest away have the best view)."

Improving space coverage for the team as a whole

Learning phase


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