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New soccer coaching drills
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Scrimmage 7 against 7
"Same organization as with the possession/scrimmage exercise, but now with goals. The team which has ball possession can now also score by finishing on goal, this is rewarded with 1 point. Scoring by means of cross pass or switches is 2 points. Team B can also score, a goal for them is 3 points. This is to ensure they also pay attention to offense and not only aim at defending. Counter attacks after winning the ball is the objective."

"Team A start 10 times. Start again when team A or team B have scored, or attempted to score. In all other cases the game is resumed where it left off. Team B will start 10 times afterwards. The last man coaches and provides cover. A combination can also be used: such as collecting 5 points along the width of the field before scoring."

Improving the shift from zonal defense



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