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New soccer coaching drills
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Scoring and avoiding scoring
- Scoring with 3 players, start on the line at the two goals
- There are 2 defenders

Build up
- Play free and discover the space and the intention
- Bring technical accent. Passing the ball has to be done with the inside of the foot
- Avoid the shot on goal, always block
- After the orientation and learning phase the can win the ball and score on the goals at the starting line (switching and aiming)
- Play with time limit, i.e. score within 30 seconds

- In the beginning substitute the defenders after a couple of times winning the ball or avoiding scoring. Do not substitute too fast
- Afterwards when a player wins the ball he/she gets 1 point, scoring an additional 2 points. Substitute after 5 points
- Total duration: 15 minutes

Improve defending

Learning Phase


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