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New soccer coaching drills
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Possession game 6 against 6 with two neutral players
"Make a rectangle of 50x30 meters and show the edges and middle line by means of cones. Play 5 against 5 or 6 against 6 within the rectangle. The two neutral players play with the team which has ball possession and are allowed to move across the entire length of the rectangle. Play with a time limit, possibly substitute neutral players during the game."

game intention
"When a neutral players passes the ball from one side of the rectangle to a player at the other side of the rectangle, and this player remains in ball possession, the team will score 1 point. To avoid blind passes, the neutral player has to call the name of the player he intends the pass for. To avoid traffic around the neutral players you can reward a normal side switch with 1 point and a side switch via a neutral player with 3 points."

"In order to prevend the ball possession team from being able to switch halves, the team without ball possession has to pressure the 'ball possessor'. The coaching should be aimed at the defenders, who are furthest away from the ball. Quickly pressure the ball, but be aware of cutting moves. Bend your knees at the last moment. Quickly form a block and defend closely together (preferably on one half of the rectangle, ensuring cover."

Blocking the opponent

Learning phase


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