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New soccer coaching drills
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5 against 5 position game in 2 areas
- Play in two areas which are not connected
- In the first area two teams (team A and team B) will play 5 against 5
- Team A plays to retain possession. Once they have passed 8 times, they are allowed to pass deep to team C
- Team B who was trying to win the ball, will have to switch to the other area
- When team B wins the ball, they will try to pass the ball to the other area. Team A will try to stop them from doing so
- If team B succeeded in getting the ball to the other area, team A will have to switch to the other area

With youth teams passing the ball around 8 times may take a long time. The other team will be doing nothing for too long. This can be solved by allowing the other team to enter the free space between the areas to ask for the ball. This does not count for passing the ball around 8 times. Furthermore the player may not stay in the free space. He will have to leave and allow other players to temporarily enter the area.

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