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New soccer coaching drills
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Exercise 2A
Goalplayer ?C? shoots hard from 15-16m so that the ball will bounce in front of goalplayer ?B?. After saving the shot ?B? will quickly get up and run to the end of the penalty area and dynamically throw the ball to goalplayer ?A? aiming at his body.
?A? must control the ball with his foot or with his chest but he cannot use his hands. After he controlled the ball ?A? passes hard and medium-high into the hands of goalplayer ?C? alternate with right and left foot.

Allow a short 5-6 seconds brake before the goalplayers repeat the exercise because we must focus on a perfect technical execution. After repeating the exercise 5-6 times the positions of the goalplayers will be changed.
When all goalplayers practised each position the exercise will continue from the other side.

To improve the basic goalkeeping skills

Learning phase


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